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How does DiaChrom help you slim down?

Being overweight or obese is a huge health problem and experts consider it to be a risk factor of serious illnesses. Treatment of those illnesses expects overweight people to lower their weight.

Lowering weight requires people to accept certain restrictions on energy intake. These restrictions, however, shouldn’t be too drastic. 10% restriction is seen as ideal and the restriction should not limit you energy intake by more than 20%. Exceeding this limit can induce health problems and it also causes the body to switch to energy-saving mode that can gain nutrients from food more effectively and in majority of cases the yo-yo effect starts as well.

Altering eating habits is, however, inevitable and one has to answer an essential question - how to create a menu to lose weight permanently if possible. There are innumerable directions on how to create such a menu but all of them have something in common. The daily energy intake must be lower then before.


What are the dietary guidelines that lead to weight reduction?

Every sensible slimming menu includes several basic guidelines such as regular eating, exercise, control over the energy intake and also restrictions in consumption of fats and sugar. All of these guidelines are easy to follow (even if they can seem very difficult from the beginning). But sooner or later we find a meal we don’t like without sugar. Sweet taste is natural to human body and it is unnatural to deny it to yourself.

Sugar is an important culinary ingredient and some meals can’t be prepared without it. Coffee and tea also taste better with sugar. Unfortunately, sugar increases blood sugar level and the swings in the insulin balance inevitably lead to excessive synthesis of storage fats. The exact opposite of what people losing weight want to achieve. Sugar is a significant supplier of energy and it is only logical that restricted sugar intake usually means significantly lower energy intake.

But what is the solution to lowering the energy intake and restricting the intake of simple sugars without denying yourself the sweet taste of drinks and meals?

The solution is replacing sugar with the artificial sweetener DiaChrom. This sweetener can allow you to consume sweet meals and enjoy pleasant feelings from sweet coffee or tea without consuming excess energy. The energy value of DiaChrom is 95% lower than sugar while having the same sweetness.

How much energy can DiaChrom remove from your energy intake?

Statistics show that the average sugar consumption in developed countries of Europe and America is approximately 40 kg a year per capita. That means that an average citizen consumes approximately 110 g of sugar each day. We can’t change intake of approximately 30 g very much because this amount is a part of various foods or fruit. Consumption of this sugar is necessary and very often also inevitable. Consumption of another 15 g of sugar should be distributed throughout the day evenly because of the positive effect on metabolism. Yet, we can claim that we exceed the recommended consumption of sugar by approximately 65 g. This amount represents an energy intake of approx. 1100 kJ (260 kcal).

Energy intake of an overweight adult (i.e. with BMI between 26 and 29) is on average 9200 kJ (2200 kcal). Optimal energy intake (of an adult man with BMI 25.5 who does normal daily activities) is approximately 8200 kJ (1960 kcal). This value is based on spirometry tests performed on an average sample of population.

If we replaced the 65 g of sugar with with DiaChrom, the energy intake would be approximately 50 kJ (12 kcal). The difference would be approx. 1050 kJ (250 kcal). Without changing the diet, the daily energy intake would decrease to approx. 8150 kJ (1950 kcal). As a result, just this change in sweetening would induce weight loss. Decreasing the energy intake by 1050 kJ (250 kcal) from 9200 kJ (2200 kcal) to 8150 kJ (1950 kcal) equals to 11.5% of the total energy intake. That is almost the perfect value for gradual reduction of weight leading to the optimal state with minimum health risks and almost no chance of inducing the yo-yo effect.

Weight loss achieved by reduction of sugar intake was scientifically confirmed and it doesn’t limit itself to sugar. People who don’t consume much simple sugars but their total intake of carbohydrates is too high (they eat lot of bread, bagels and other foods containing polysaccharides) can lose weight this way as well.

Sugar increases blood sugar level quickly and substantially. Polysaccharides increase blood sugar more slowly and to lower values (it is caused by the glycemic index of sugar and polysaccharides). From the point of view of the total energy intake there is no difference between sugar and polysaccharides. Rapid changes in the blood glucose level are hazardous from the medical point of view and because of that is intake of sugar more dangerous than intake of polysaccharides.


Does it mean that DiaChrom can contribute to weight reduction?

Yes it can if it replaces part of the sugar or carbohydrate intake. But it doesn’t mean that replacing sugar with sweetener allows us to eat more. DiaChrom contributes to weight reduction only if we use it to replace sugar and our diet (its composition and amount) stays the same. The condition of lowering the total energy intake must be fulfilled.

The biggest advantage of DiaChrom is its composition because besides the sweetening component it contains a specific organic complex of trivalent chromium which experts call the glucose tolerance factor (GTF). GTF increases sensitivity of insulin to its receptor and by that it increases the speed of glucose transfer from blood to cells.

DiaChrom is both pleasant and useful. You sweeten almost without calories and provide your body with the glucose tolerance factor that makes insulin work more efficiently and the body can handle rises of blood glucose level after eating more easily.

DiaChrom is not suitable only for diabetics as your first impression could be. Thanks to its original composition, great taste and characteristics it can be a great helper during losing weight which is very topical nowadays. Stable blood sugar level has an irreplaceable role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Maintenance of stable blood sugar level is impossible if people consume higher amount of sugar (with the exception of professional athletes).

DiaChrom makes creating your menu easier and it can become a great aid on your way to a slimmer figure. DiaChrom is available in every pharmacy. It is sold as tablets or in powder form - tablets are suitable for sweetening drinks, the powder form is suitable for cooking and baking.

Can the organic chromium complex affect weight?

This complex was subject to laboratory and operational tests which were, among other things, focusing on the weight of test animals and it was proved that a certain amount of organic chromium complex reduced weight of the animals. These tests were performed in scientific and research facilities. The aim of the tests was to verify safety and effectiveness of this complex.