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Slimming with Kerbet

The project Slimming with Kerbet can show you the way to reducing your weight and improving your shape. You don’t have to starve, torment your body in a fitness center, be stressed and live in constant fear that a couple of lost kilos will be followed by the yo-yo effect. The basis of your success lies in a personalised menu which takes into consideration the insulin activity and in regular eating of at least five meals a day. All of that is offered to you by one of the best weight-optimisation program which you can use FOR FREE.

The project is for anyone who wants to change their eating habits and reduce their weight for any reason. Because many people are overweight, the website focuses on weight reduction according to the principles of modern dietetics. The project doesn’t promise miracles nor it sets unrealistic goals. It offers only scientifically verified and reliable ways of losing weight permanently. Being overweight verifiably shortens life and more importantly, it complicates treatment of many serious illnesses.


What does the project Slimming with Kerbet have to offer?

The project offers information about the principles of healthy weight loss, dietary guidelines tailored precisely for you, nutritionally balanced and tasty menus, an extensive database of recipes for suitable meals and a calorie counter.


What makes the project Slimming with Kerbet different?

Unlike other approaches which derive values of basal metabolism from equations, our project is based on our own measurements of basal metabolism. It also uses nutrition information obtained by our own analysis. Furthermore, it takes insulin activity controlling metabolic processes responsible for storing fat into consideration. Dietary guidelines are designed to prevent insulin from creating excess fat. That can be achieved by appropriate physical activity, diet modification and enriching food with the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which affects insulin activity in a desirable manner.

Successful slimming is based on knowledge of nutrition and body’s functioning. It is important to keep your energy intake lower than your energy expenditure during losing weight. Every person is unique and that is why every person needs a personal approach to slimming. All you have to do is to create a profile that is the key to personalised dietary guidelines and to menus tailored precisely for you. You can also find recipes for suitable meals and a calculator of meal energy values on this website.


What can you find on the website?

The website of Slimming with Kerbet is based on menus which were created with emphasis on balanced intake of nutrients with special focus on intake of simple sugars that should not exceed 10% of the total energy intake. Because of that the menus include optimized meals. There are also menus that include a low-energy meal replacement. You can choose a menu you like.

The program can create an optimized menu for diabetics as well. Selection of appropriate meals and creating the right menu can be a challenging task for diabetics and www.kerbet.com can be a great help and guidance in this situation. There are many recipes created specifically for diabetics. The website was also designed to be easy to use for diabetics. You can view the recipe’s directions by clicking on the name of the meal. The big advantage of these recipes is the fact that they bear a noticeable seal Suitable for diabetics. There is also information on exchange units and content of simple sugars.


The sweetener DiaChrom has been included in this project as a suitable replacement of sugar

The sweetener DiaChrom has been included in this project as a mean of lowering the sugar intake. This sweetener is recommended, above all, for being low-calorie and containing the active trivalent chromium which according to biochemical findings increases sensitivity of tissues to insulin and indirectly it affects blood glucose level. To achieve the best and long-lasting weight loss, it is important to perform physical activity appropriate to your age, gender and shape.

You can visit the website of the project Slimming with Kerbet if you’d like to know more.