Sweetener DiaChrom
More than a sweetener...

What is DiaChrom and what are its effects?

DiaChrom is a low-calorie tabletop sweetener which can be used to sweeten drinks or meals instead of sugar. The biggest advantage of DiaChrom is a special complex of trivalent chromium called the glucose tolerance factor (GTF factor). DiaChrom is classified as a fortified food according to the current European legislation. It has an excellent taste which is very similar to sugar and it doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. There are three kinds of DiaChrom and they vary in the sweetening ingredient. DiaChrom is suitable for people who suffer from diabetes as well as for people reducing their intake of sugar because they want to sweeten in a healthy way.


What makes DiaChrom a unique sweetener?

At first sight it is the size of tablets. What we can’t see is the unique formula of DiaChrom. Besides the sweetening ingredient, DiaChrom contains a special organic complex of trivalent chromium which participates in the processes leading to maintenance of normal blood glucose level. In other words, if the blood glucose level rises, the GTF factor helps insulin bind to the insulin receptors and the blood glucose level falls. Chromium also contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism. Because insulin affects metabolism of fats significantly, we can draw a conclusion that the GTF factor somehow participates in affecting the metabolism of fats and the related transformation and effects of cholesterol in the body.


Why do the tables have a larger size?

The larger size is a result of the presence of the biologically active GTF factor. The GTF factor doesn’t taste very good on its own. Because of that, we had to develop a unique formula to achieve the right taste of DiaChrom and this is also the reason why DiaChrom tablets are a bit larger than the rest of sweeteners. Tablets can be also halved easily so you can sweeten your favorite drink to your taste.


Sweetening ingredient of DiaChrom

“Green” DiaChrom uses steviol glycosides as its sweetening ingredient. Steviol glycosides are sweeteners obtained from leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Stevia is a healthy and natural alternative to beet sugar. Its pure extracts are 300 times sweeter than sugar and it is thermally and pH stable. DiaChrom with steviol glycosides is suitable for sweetening hot and cool drink and it can also enhance their taste (especially the coffee taste). Cooking and baking requires certain amount of caution because steviol glycosides can interact with other food components and create substances showing biological effects. The same reason can cause a significant change in taste of food as well.

 The sweetening ingredient of “Green” DiaChrom are steviol glycosides obtained from leaves of stevia.


“Blue” DiaChrom uses aspartame as its sweetening ingredient. Aspartame consists of two amino acids: aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Both of these amino acids are present in almost every food - especially in meats, milk and eggs. They are also present in fruit, vegetables and grains. Taste tests of the most used sweetening ingredient (aspartame, sorbitol, saccharin and acesulfame) show that aspartame has taste that is most similar to sugar and although tabloids tried to evoke fear of aspartame in people, aspartame is still considered by experts as one of the safest sweeteners. Its safety is also manifested by its high ADI.

The sweetening ingredient of “Blue” DiaChrom is aspartame. Experts consider aspartame to be one of the safest sweeteners. Aspartame’s taste is most similar to sugar out of all sweeteners.


“Red” DiaChrom uses sucralose as its sweetening ingredient. Sucralose is a chemically modified molecule of beet sugar sucrose and this sweetener has had good expert references so far. Unlike aspartame, sucralose has a very good thermal stability and it can be used for cooking and baking.

The sweetening ingredient of “Red” DiaChrom is sucralose. Sucralose is obtained from beet sugar, it has excellent thermal stability and it doesn’t transform in the body. It is undeniably one of the safest sweeteners nowadays.

Glucose tolerance factor

One of the active ingredients of this factor is a cation of trivalent chromium which is mainly present in free-range milk. It is present in some plants as well but the utilization is more difficult. If the trivalent chromium is incorporated into a suitable organic complex, it is biologically active and it can activate insulin receptors. Now, we have to stress that there are many chromium compounds which are not able to induce the receptor activation effectively and because of that they are not sufficiently effective from the biological point of view.

The organic complex of trivalent chromium used in DiaChrom is characterized by high effectiveness in insulin receptor activation. Model experiments proved that this complex somehow participates in lowering the blood glucose level and stabilisation of physiological concentration of glucose in blood. However, the mechanism of its effects hasn’t been explained completely so far. All we know is, that it affects binding of insulin to its receptors. Consumption of 6 μg of chromium a day (4 DiaChrom tablets or 6.6 g of DiaChrom in powder form) has beneficial physiological effects.

DiaChrom characteristics

DiaChrom contains ingredients natural to the body. DiaChrom in form of tables can be used for sweetening drinks such as coffee, tea, milk or cocoa. DiaChrom in powder form can be used for sweetening salads, fruit, compotes, puddings, cakes, roulades, muffins, cookies… DiaChrom with aspartame (blue) shouldn’t be combined with baking powder or baking soda because then it loses its sweetness. This limitation does not apply to DiaChrom with sucralose (red) nor to DiaChrom with steviol glycosides (green). DiaChrom is available in pack sizes of 80 and 600 tablets (family pack) and 200 g (DiaChrom in powder form). DiaChrom is suitable for diabetics, all kinds of slimming diets and for people who realize that controling intake of simple sugars is important.